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A Young Adult Fantasy Series

by Robert B. Sloan

Hamelin Stoop’s story will capture minds, inspire hearts, and leave its readers eagerly awaiting the next volume.

In Book 1, Hamelin Stoop: The Eagle, the Cave, and the Footbridge, Hamelin is only a few weeks old as he and his parents, Johnnie and Simon, flee from trackers. Certain of their eventual capture and desperate for their son’s survival, Johnnie and Simon devise a plan that lands Hamelin in a nearby orphanage. As Hamelin grows up in this nontraditional home, people begin to notice that he is “always looking for something or someone else.”

After their inevitable capture, Hamelin’s parents are imprisoned in a nearby world under the control of the ruthless Ren’dal, all the while remembering the son they have abandoned. As Hamelin grows, he learns to deal with some of life’s biggest challenges: making friends, dealing with bullies, and understanding why the people he’s closest to always have to leave him.

When the children’s home forgets his eighth birthday, Hamelin decides to run away. This decision turns out to be a summons from another world that immediately puts him to a test of courage. More than that, he discovers that the answers to his personal issues of identity, parents, and home are tied up with other worldly battles between kingdoms of good and evil, powerful rulers, and a journey across the Tunnel of Times to the Atrium of the Worlds. Hamelin is introduced to places and people he could never have imagined. Guided by the Great Eagle, he is led to unknown worlds full of both physical and psychological battles. Hamelin comes to discover the true weight of fear, courage, and hope as he realizes he’s been called to embark on an amazing adventure.

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Book 1


A Daring Quest

Real Consequences

Moral Courage

Book 2

Hamelin Stoop: The Lost Princess and the Jewel of Periluna

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