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Birthdays are very special

Thanks to my wife Sue, birthdays are really special in our family. We have 21 grandchildren, and we remember every birthday. I have even been given a laminated list of the grandchildren’s birthdays, which I keep as a book marker for my daily readings.

Birthdays are really special. To this very day I can remember my fourth birthday. I remember that my mother wasn’t feeling well, but she took the time to make a cake. My father, my older sister, and my baby brother were there. There are four candles on the cake, and I remember blowing them out. It still seems so special to me to have had that cake and that birthday celebration. My father took a picture of it, and I still have that picture. I treasure it, now that my mother and father are both gone.

When I was first writing the story of Hamelin Stoop, I was trying to think of something that would make a little boy want to run away. For some reason – perhaps because birthdays have always been important to me and my family – it seemed to me that there could be nothing worse for an eight-year-old boy, especially an eight-year-old boy who is already insecure about his family roots and his sense of belonging – than for others to forget his birthday.

I hope you’ll help me remember Hamelin’s birthday this year by sharing one of the books with someone else. July 10 is the special day – which just happens also to be the birthday of our first child, our daughter Charissa! Mrs. Frendle declared that day for Hamelin’s birthday parties, which was really not his birthday, but the day she found him. When was his actual day of birth? More to that story later!

To celebrate Hamelin’s birthday, both ebooks will be $2.99 on Amazon for the entire month of July.


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