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Request Hamelin Stoop at Your Local Library


I have a favor to ask, and it won’t cost you anything.

Would you request the Hamelin Stoop books at your local library and/or request the book for your children at their school?

All libraries will consider requests made in person, but the larger library systems also have suggestion forms. I’ve included links to request forms for libraries in some major Texas cities below.

Asking in person is also simple. The next time you’re in your public library or even your favorite bookstore, ask if they have the Hamelin Stoop series. You don’t need to purchase the book, but your interest will alert them that the book exists.

Wimberley Book Festival, Texas Authors, Wimberley, Texas, June 9, 2018And just as I said last month, the Wimberley Book Festival is coming soon! If you’re in the area, we hope you’ll stop by and say hello.

Wimberley Book Festival

Saturday, June 9, 9am-2pm

14068 Ranch Road 12

Wimberley, Texas 78676

With summer upon us, I’ll have a few days to finish book 3 in the Hamelin Stoop series. My editor and I will go through another round where he skillfully cuts away, and then I add half of it back. Editing is both a painful and refining process. Hopefully we’ll have a release date set very soon.

I’ve added a few blogs specifically for young adults on my website. Early adulthood brings so many questions and the realization that teenagers have much to learn about life. I hope these blogs benefit young people as they enter adulthood.

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